Colourful fern design printed on a textile screen for decorating exterior spaces in gardens Blue fabric bunting hanging in a garden like a blue butterfly. Textile screen embossed in a graphic thistle and grass design. Luminous red and yellow fabrics hanging in front of a blue garden wisteria tree art-ful, sculptural-shaped  blue textile bunting before a garden hedge printed fabric graphic, autumn leaves on golden yellow background

Garden Textiles by Jo Pearl

"... her work always has a sense of drama." The Times
"... a truly ingenious way to hide an ugly patch in your garden." Easy Living Magazine

Garden Couture: Year-Round Colour

Designer Jo Pearl is enriching the palette available to garden designers with the launch of Garden Textiles. Her lines of garden couture are fabric art installations and include banners, flags, sails, screens, prayer flags and bunting.

All Jo Pearl garden fabrics are saturated in luminous designs to lift the spirit, and add vibrant, year-round colour to the garden. Her work creates drama and colour even during the drab winter months, and instant impact during the years when plants are becoming established.

Jo Pearl's bespoke textiles animate, decorate and help delineate exterior spaces. She takes inspiration from plants and the natural world in her work, playing with colour and scale for striking, celebratory installations.

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colourful banners hung in garden in front of trees and behind tall grasses
Fern design printed textile banner on light blue background in garden in front of luminous blue wisteria tree White textile screen with curvy red vine printed plant design hung on modular hanging system lit up at night in a garden
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