Colourful fern design printed on a textile screen for decorating exterior spaces in gardens Blue fabric bunting hanging in a garden like a blue butterfly. Textile screen embossed in a graphic thistle and grass design. Luminous red and yellow fabrics hanging in front of a blue garden wisteria tree art-ful, sculptural-shaped  blue textile bunting before a garden hedge printed fabric graphic, autumn leaves on golden yellow background

Easy to Maintain

The fabrics used by Jo Pearl are machine washable at 60 º C. Taking advantage of recent advances in technology, these fabrics are also UV stable and water resistant. So, gardeners can use them as integrated elements in their designs, safe in the knowledge that they are easy to clean, and will not rot or fade as printed fabrics have been prone to until recently.

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Garden textile banner, purple fern pattern design on yellow background, in front of grasses.
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